Expanding Markets Conference

This isn't Your Typical Regenerative Agriculture Conference

Gain valuable market advantages by attending on November 7th & 8th at the Big Horn Resort in Billings, Montana

There are plenty of conferences out there that teach you how to manage your land using regenerative agriculture practices, and good ones at that. But let’s be real – what good is all that knowledge if you don’t know how to reap the financial rewards? That’s where we come in. The Expanding Markets Conference is a one-of-a-kind gathering where you can rub shoulders with industry experts and absorb some serious knowledge about the future of regenerative ranching.

It’s a trade show of sorts specifically designed for regenerative ranchers like yourself. Here, you’ll not only get the lowdown on the latest market trends, but you’ll also be one of the first to learn what companies are creating financial opportunities in the regenerative market space. You heard that right – these companies need to fill their supply chains with your regenerative products! Partly thanks to the new Scope 3 requirements but also because they understand the consumer demand.

The Only Regenerative Agriculture Conference Focusing on Ground Floor Market Opportunities

If you are a rancher wanting to revolutionize your bottom line, then being on the ground floor of some amazing market opportunities is a great place to start. So get ready to dive into the one and only conference that champions the incredible potential of regenerative agriculture.

During This Two-Day Event You Will: 

Catch up on the amazing progress that has unfolded since our last conference plus…

And be the first to hear about an exciting emerging market opportunity!

Get Ready to be Blown Away by This Incredible All-Star Speaker Lineup!

We’ve gone above and beyond to bring you a stellar mix of the most innovative and knowledgeable company representatives and ranchers out there. And because of that, it was an enormous challenge for us to pick just one keynote speaker, so guess what? We didn’t! Instead, we’ve decided to make every single panel a mind-blowing keynote experience.

We’ve got such an amazing lineup that it’s impossible to choose a favorite. But hey, don’t take our word for it – check out this list of outstanding presenters and decide for yourself. Get ready because this is going to be one heck of an event!

Gina Nagel – formerly Vice President of Mission and Regenerative Agriculture at Applegate, the nation’s leading natural and organic meat brand, she oversaw the creation of consciously scaled supply chains rooted in the principles of regenerative agriculture. Currently Gina, along with business partner Zack Angelini, last year’s conference keynote speaker, have joined forces to create Public Good Provisions, a regenerative supply chain procurement company. Gina will fill us in on what has happened in the past year as well as walk us through finding our ranch stories, a “must have” component in the regenerative space going forward.

Sara Andrews – founder and CEO of Bumbleroot, Sara is passionate about accelerating the pace of regenerative agriculture by contributing to food production that works with nature instead of against it. She believes that a food system should be climate-friendly (sequestering soil carbon and protecting biodiversity), equitable, and nourishing. Sara is currently working on a regenerative processing center in Big Timber, Montana, that would be a distribution hub for state and national companies wanting to source regenerative products.

Chris Smallwood – Chris serves as the Chief Scientist for Ecosystem Services Market Research Consortium (ESMC), a non-profit organization that compensates farmers and ranchers who improve the environment through their land management practices. Learn what projects can get funded, how the payment system works, and where this market is headed. This marketplace is an exciting new opportunity for land managers throughout the northern Great Plains, and you will hear it here first!

Todd Churchill – Chief Marketing and Financial Officer at Blue Nest Beef. Todd will be on hand to discuss their aggregation beef program as well as make a big announcement that will affect regenerative ranchers throughout the West.

Johnny Wood – Hailing from Missouri, Johnny is the next generation of US Wellness Meats, an aggregator in the grass-fed beef, sheep, and goat markets sourcing products throughout the United States.

Paul Neubauer – Organic farmer from Havre and an instrumental figure in helping make the Montana Premium Processing Cooperative a reality. He is currently working with ranchers in the Flathead to purchase a processing plant that would otherwise be shut down. Paul, along with representatives from RancHERS and the Yellowstone Food Hub, will be on hand to discuss the power of partnerships and cooperatives no matter where you reign from.

Annika Charter-Williams – 4th generation rancher and founding member of the Yellowstone Valley Food Hub (YVFH), a grower’s cooperative serving central Montana. YVFH sources quality, local food from over 45 local farmers, ranchers, bakers, and makers. It is their desire to help develop food hubs throughout Montana and the West by replicating their model.

Nic DeCastro – Founding member of LandTrust, a recreation access network based in Bozeman, Montana, that aims to increase quality, private land access for recreators and create a new, profitable revenue stream for farmers & ranchers to keep rural lands intact & in family hands.

Mark Kleinschmidt – Co-founder and COO/CFO of The Other Half Processing (OHP), a company dedicated to working directly with regenerative farmers/ranchers and processors to verify, trace, aggregate, and buy hides and other meat processing byproducts. OHP sells raw and finished products to apparel, food supply, and pet sector companies while providing real economic returns to the farmers/ranchers, meat companies, and processing supply chain partners.

Farley Green – Marketing manager for Ranching Conservation at the National Audubon Society, where she works to promote the organization’s Conservation Ranching program and its accompanying land certification, the Audubon Certified bird-friendly seal, a fast-growing certification on beef and bison products, noting their source as lands managed through grazing practices for birds and biodiversity. Farley is passionate about transparency in food and ensuring that working lands can be better managed through regenerative practices to provide environmental benefits – for people and wildlife alike.

Brian Engle – Founder and operator of USDA inspected Pioneer Meats in Big Timber, Montana. Brian believes that being active within the meat processors industry is paramount for a successful operation.  Brian is on the Board of Directors for the Montana Meat Processors Association, a member of the North West Meat Processors Association, and serves on the Board of Directors of the American Association of Meat Processors.

Jake Feddes – Co-owner of Feddes Family Meats in Manhattan, Montana. Jake and crew pride themselves in selling meat that has never been treated with hormones, was raised humanely, including the utilization of low-stress cattle handling, and making sure that any antibiotics used are done so in a responsible manner. They currently source, process, and sell meat that is grass-raised and grain-finished as well as grass-raised and grass-finished, and they always label their meat properly so that all of their customers know exactly what they are eating.

Numerous ranchers from throughout Montana, including: Brittany Masters (Roam Free Bison), Tricia Kimmel (Wholesome Beef Direct), Roger Indreland (Indreland Angus Ranch), Dave Scott, Abby Bruski, Bart Morris (Oxbow Cattle Company), Caroline Nelson (Little Creek Lamb & Beef), Matt Skoglund (North Bridger Bison), and Mickey Steward

In-Person Registration is Limited; Online Option Available

Don’t procrastinate – make sure you snag your spot before it’s too late! While we highly recommend attending this event in person for maximum impact, we totally understand if you can’t make the trip. That’s why we’ve got an awesome online option for you!

By locking in your spot at the event, you’ll have the remarkable opportunity to meet face-to-face with company representatives, mingle with an innovative community of regenerative ranchers, and connect with some pretty amazing

If the online option is your only choice. You won’t miss out on any of the action – you’ll be able to tune in and listen to every single presenter as if you were right there in the room. Plus, you’ll have the chance to ask burning questions that will be answered live during the event. The best part? The entire event will be recorded, so you can always revisit the material at your own pace whenever you want.

While you might not get the same level of peer-to-peer networking and face-to-face time with market experts, we’ll ensure you receive a go-to guide of companies and their contact information so you won’t miss a beat.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

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Sponsorship Opportunities and Exhibitor Space is Available

Want to get in on the action at the 2nd Annual Expanding Markets Conference? Well, you’re in luck! We still have some fantastic sponsorship opportunities up for grabs, along with a handful of exhibition booth spaces available.

Don’t miss out on this chance to showcase your brand and connect with industry leaders. Jump on board and join us for this exciting and one-of-a-kind event!

to this year’s sponsors!

2023 Expanding Markets Conference Exhibitors

  • Montana Audubon
  • Montana Farmers Union
  • WWF
  • Stockman Bank
  • Blue Nest Beef
  • Vence
  • AgWest Farm Credit
  • Thousand Hills
  • American Grass Fed Association
  • US Wellness Meats
  • Native
  • Ecosystem Services Market Research Consortium
  • Northern Plains Resource Council
  • AERO
  • Farm-to-Consumer Legal Fund 

Big Horn Resort
1801 Majestic Ln, Billings, MT 59102  (406) 839-9300

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Holly Fretwell conservation econoimist in Montana

Holly Fretwell is president of Montana Connections, LLC where she does economic conservation consulting and hospitality management, is co-owner of the Jammin Jackalope camping and cabins, and is a research fellow at PERC, the Property and Environment Research Center. For nearly three decades Fretwell’s research has focused on public lands policy, private conservation, property rights, and markets. Her passion is helping others understand how free markets and trade can help enhance conservation and environmental quality.

Fretwell holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in resource economics from Montana State University. An educator at heart, Fretwell taught economics at Montana State University for 15 years, provided tools and curriculum for high school teachers to motivate economic thinkers, and has authored two books.

Malou Anderson-Ramierz resides on her family ranch in Tom Miner Basin, Montana, where she and her husband Dre live and work while raising their two daughters, Esme and Hasell. Aside from working on the ranch and learning about holistic management systems, she has psychology, social work, and equine-assisted therapies background. Malou enjoys working in community-building and land-based practices. Helping people and communities reconnect to themselves through restoring landscapes, coexisting with wildlife, and creating strong and thriving communities for both human and the more-than-human. When she’s not on the ranch or tending to kiddos, animals, or listening to lands, she loves exploring newfound communities- both urban and rural, reading, riding her horse, and sitting next to the ocean.

Holly Stoltz, Communications Manager

Holly Stoltz’s greatest passion has always been helping people in the agricultural community. Throughout her career, she has revitalized a small-town newspaper, promoted businesses and organizations with her screen printing and embroidery business, actively mentored area business start-ups, and supported the 4-H program as club organization leader and activist.

Montana ranch-raised and marrying into a family ranch, agriculture has always been a part of her life.  Because of this, her degree in marketing, writing experience, and seeing the need to shift away from traditional ag practices, Holly has become a vocal supporter of regenerative agriculture as the only way to secure this legacy for future generations.

Colin McClure is a proud Bobcat Fan and a 3rd generation graduate from Montana State University in Soil and Water Science. As a 4th generation Montana descendant with ties to active farming and ranching operations in the Flathead as well as central Montana, Colin was raised in and around agriculture. Colin is strongly rooted in both traditional and regenerative agricultural practices focusing on improving the livelihood of all Montanans.

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Roger Indreland, together with his wife Betsy, own and manages Indreland Angus, north of Big Timber, Montana. Roger is a third-generation rancher with a Farm & Ranch Management degree from Montana State University and forty-four years in the registered Angus business. Roger has found his niche in the grass-fed bull business, hosting an annual bull sale each December.

For over thirty years, Roger and Betsy have regenerated the landscape by placing value in building soil health and increasing biodiversity to complement Mother Nature’s system. As Roger says, “Our soil is the key to our success, so decisions are made with that in mind.”

In 2020, the Sweet Grass Chamber of Commerce honored them as “Ag Persons of the Year” and were nominated in 2021 as “Tow Rope Heroes” by the Northern Ag Network

Brittany Masters is the co-founder of Go Roam Free, a regenerative bison ranch and food business. As a first-generation rancher, Brittany brings her brand marketing and strong business sense to the world of sustainable animal agriculture. Brittany is passionate about developing brands and premium health products. Brittany spent 9 years as a Marketing Director at the Boeing Company, where she focused on reviving the Boeing brand and serving as a brand consultant to airline customers. During that time, she launched a startup food brand in the Middle East and finished her MBA at Seattle Pacific University. As WSE’s Secretary, Brittany hopes to help family-scale ranches transition to regenerative agriculture while improving their profitability in order to preserve the best of the west.

Dylan Hoffman is the Director of Sustainability for Yellowstone National Park Lodges. He oversees park-wide environmental efforts, compliance issues, and programs to curb the park’s contribution to climate change. In addition to his passion for helping to protect our environment, Dylan enjoys recreating in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem – including floating our local rivers, Nordic and backcountry skiing, hunting, or waving around a fly rod. Dylan lives in Gardiner, MT, with his partner, Erin, and their two little girls, Steely and Merrick.

Andrew Anderson, manager of J Bar L Ranch in Montana

Andrew Anderson is originally from Tom Miner Basin, where his family ranch is located. Currently, he manages J Bar L Ranches in the Centennial Valley and Melville, MT. His wife Hilary and four children have worked on the J Bar L for 13 years, helping to manage cow/calf, yearling, and grass-fed beef enterprises. They feel incredibly fortunate to ranch in wild and complex ecosystems and continually strive to learn how to preserve these unique places’ health, diversity, and integrity.

Carrie Balkcom is the Executive Director of the American Grassfed Association. AGA is the National multi-species entity organized to protect and promote Grassfed and pasture-based farmers and ranchers.

AGA is the leader in pasture-based production and the oldest grass-fed certification in the United States. AGA certifies ruminants and dairy.
Carrie grew up on a Florida cattle ranch and has stayed connected to the agriculture and livestock industry. She has spoken, presented, or coordinated numerous regional and national conferences; and is well known in agricultural, culinary, and sustainable agricultural circles.

Rebecca Kurnick of Montana Aleworks

Rebecca Kurnick is a research scientist at Edaphix where she works to support healthy landscapes by mitigating undesirable species from a soil health lens. She has a background in local food systems and degrees in Soil Science and Agricultural Education from MSU. Rebecca discovered her passion for healthy soil and working landscapes through her work on farms and ranches in Maine and Montana. She enjoys helping people understand why it’s important to support the farmers and ranchers who contribute to functioning ecosystems. Rebecca and her husband Ryan enjoy hauling their two young children around the mountains on rafts, bikes, and skis teaching them about the places they love.

Joel Henry, Lawyer headshot

Dr. Joel Henry enjoys the complexity at the intersection of law, business, and technology, given he earned two computer science degrees from Montana State University, a Ph.D. in computer science from Virginia Tech, a J.D. at the University of Montana, and started his own software company.

Joel is one of a handful of people in the US with both a PhD in computer science and a JD. He is one of the leading experts in Montana, and nationwide, on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology law. A significant area of his practice also includes complex, cutting-edge legal matters around new technologies, including artificial intelligence, GDPR, and other data privacy laws, IT security, and data breaches. He also serves as an expert witness on litigation matters involving technology issues, electronic discovery, and digital forensics.

In his free time, Joel enjoys brewing beer, casting flies, tracking elk, floating rivers, backpacking, and hiking, but only when he isn’t spending time with his family.

Lill Erickson, the ecosystem services program director of Western Sustainability Exchanage

Lill Erickson has deep conviction to protect the incomparable landscape, wildlife, and way of life of the rural West, especially Montana. In 1994 Lill founded Western Sustainability Exchange to do just that.  Leading up to it’s conception,  Lill was an organizer for conservation nonprofits throughout the west, caretaker of a cattle ranch bordering Yellowstone National Park, and an advisor to a national committee to craft a strategy to promote agricultural sustainability. 

These experiences gave her the prowess to implement regenerative agriculture practices and develop market-based conservation strategies to ensure a healthy, long standing, and profitable relationship between nature and innovative land stewards. 

Lill loves her community of Livingston, spending as much time as work allows adventuring with friends in nature, and caring for and cavorting with her two dogs and two cats.

Lauren Dillon received her B.S. in Visual Communications from the University of California, Davis. Lauren became passionate about working with missional companies that dared to challenge the status quo after a few years spent working for Patagonia. In 2012 Lauren seized an opportunity to move to Wyoming and consequently spent eight years working seasonally across the West as a photographer–each year becoming more interested in the intersection of ranching and conservation. Lauren made her way to Montana in 2017 to manage the guest program at J Bar L Ranch–a regenerative, grass-fed beef operation and one of WSE’s partners–where she quickly became fascinated by learning about soil health ranch’s land management and conservation projects. Lauren is excited to continue supporting land stewardship and regenerative producers through her work on the Communications and Farmers’ Market teams.

WSE livingston farmers market manager Shannan Mascari

Shannan Mascari joined the Western Sustainability Exchange (WSE) team in 2019 as Office Administrator and Farmers Market Manager. Mascari attended Chico State University in Chico, California prior to moving to Montana in 1996. Upon moving here, she became a certified nursing assistant, caring for the elderly, before moving on to an administrative position with a wetlands restoration company. There, her hard work and dedication earned her the title of Vice President of Operations. She has over 18 years of administrative and managerial experience.

Mascari’s passion for taking care of the planet and the people who inhabit it is a perfect fit for WSE and the Farmers Market program. She and her husband, Jason, have three children and can often be found at soccer games, enjoying the great outdoors, or simply relaxing at their home on the Yellowstone River.

Chris Mehus the executive director of regenerative agriculture non-profit, western sustainability exchange

Chris Mehus, born, raised, and educated in Montana, has always maintained a joint passion for agriculture and the outdoors. He has applied his degrees in Wildlife Biology and Range Science to assist and advocate for ranchers who have a strong conservation ethic. After 10 years of direct ranching in Southern Montana putting his education to practice in numerous areas of grazing management and planning, Chris spent many years working in rural business, economic, and financial planning giving him unique insight into the workings of a ranch business to understand economic drivers and incentives that make ranching with nature a more profitable operating model than typical conventional practices. He is an outspoken advocate for the Ranching For Profit, Integrity Soils, Holistic Management International, and related schools of thought and how they can be applied to create a thriving ranch business while creating healthy, functioning ecological systems with rich soil and diverse wildlife populations.

Alex Blake is a regenerative rancher from Big Timber and a producer coordinator
for WSE. He lives and works on the ranch and tree nursery his parents started in 1973 on a foundation of deep appreciation for the natural environment. Alex holds a Master’s in Agribusiness from Texas A&M University but has gotten most of his agrarian education from hands-on experience on farms and ranches in places as diverse as Kenya and Argentina. He enjoys being a part of the progressive rancher support network in south-central Montana and draws inspiration from those who are constantly challenging old ranching paradigms. He was an artillery Captain in the United States Marine Corps and is a proud husband and father to a two-year-old daughter.

Mark Ledger, former banker and WSE board member

Mark Ledger has been a member of the board since 2005, having served as Chair twice during that time.  Professionally, Mark’s career has involved  international finance,  business counseling and private equity.  Having spent all of his high school summers as a hand on a family cattle ranch in Big Timber, he has long standing ties in the area and retains a personal interest in agricultural and environmental sustainability.   Mark serves on the boards of multiple non-profits, including land trusts, inner-city homelessness, urban micro-finance and a foundation dedicated to underserved populations.  He and his wife, Ann, live in Pennsylvania and have two children and four grandsons.

Matt Skoglund of North Bridger Bison, WSE board

Matt Skoglund is the founder and owner of North Bridger Bison, a bison ranch rooted in Regenerative Agriculture principles located in Montana’s Shields Valley. Prior to starting North Bridger Bison, Matt was the Director of the Northern Rockies Office for the Natural Resources Defense Council, where he worked on various conservation issues in Montana and the Northern Rockies for a decade. Matt is a graduate of Middlebury College and the University of Illinois College of Law. He is passionate about food and ranching, and he loves to hunt, garden, cook, and forage for morel mushrooms in the spring. Matt and his wife, Sarah, have two young kids, Otto and Greta.

Lauren Dillon received her B.S. in Visual Communications from the University of California, Davis. Lauren became passionate about working with missional companies that dared to challenge the status quo after a few years spent working for Patagonia. In 2012 Lauren seized an opportunity to move to Wyoming and consequently spent eight years working seasonally across the West as a photographer–each year becoming more interested in the intersection of ranching and conservation. Lauren made her way to Montana in 2017 to manage the guest program at J Bar L Ranch–a regenerative, grass-fed beef operation and one of WSE’s partners–where she quickly became fascinated by learning about soil health ranch’s land management and conservation projects. Lauren is excited to continue supporting land stewardship and regenerative producers through her work on the Communications and Farmers’ Market teams.

Tyrrell Hibbard enjoyed an upbringing in agriculture and conservation and today serves as a producer coordinator and senior advisor for WSE. Tyrrell is a rancher by day and distiller by night. He manages a seasonal custom grazing operation on his family’s multi-generational ranchland on the Continental Divide west of Helena. He also owns and operates Gulch Distillers in downtown Helena, producing award-winning spirits from Montana grains and fruits. When not actively engaged in agriculture or adding value to agricultural products, Tyrrell pursues conservation goals through WSE and Prickly Pear Land Trust. He serves on the board of directors. Tyrrell earned his bachelor’s degree in English from Duke University. He lives in Helena with his wife and two daughters.